Bosch Sporthorses specialises in training and trading show jumpers, equitation horses and hunters for the international market, particularly to the United States. We provide thorough training, compete on a weekly basis with various sport horses at national and international shows and have years of experience in finding horses of exceptional quality with a keen eye for the wishes of our client. These values are the basis for our proven ability to provide clients with a perfectly matched horse.

This is what Bosch Sporthorses stands for, this is what we believe in and this ensures that the passion we feel for our work continues to grow each day. Over the years Bosch Sporthorses has built a strong and reliable network of highly acclaimed business partners in the Netherlands and the United States. This network ensures high-quality customer service and aftercare is guaranteed. As horse traders or intermediaries, a lasting relationship with both the buyers and the sales market is essential. We are grateful for and proud of the relationships we have built up over the past twenty years.

Bosch Sporthorses

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