Bosch Sporthorses specialises in training and trading show jumpers, equitation horses and hunters for the international market, particularly to the United States. We provide thorough training, compete on a weekly basis with various sport horses at national and international shows and have years of experience in finding horses of exceptional quality with a keen eye for the wishes of our client. These values are the basis for our proven ability to provide clients with a perfectly matched horse.

We train and trade horses generally in between the ages of 5 to 9 years old. Starting with future prospects up to fully experienced (inter)national showjumpers. Also well-trained and highly skilled equitation horses and hunters pass our stables on a regular basis.

Trading & customer services

Bosch Sporthorses sells, mediates in the purchase and exports, show jumpers, equitation horses and hunters for the international market, particularly to the United States. Are you looking for a high-quality show jumper, equitation horses or hunter, we will provide you with an accurate assessment and the help of bringing closer to finding a high-quality horse that fits your criteria.

In addition to the horses that we train ourselves, we have an extensive equestrian network that we can consult to find the horse, depending on the wishes of our clients.

After buying a horse at Bosch Sporthorses, we continue to be of service if desired. Our extensive trainer network allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to help with further development and training on all continents.



Bosch Sporthorses provides training for jumping horses, equitation horses and hunters as well as training for riders.

Riders can rent stalls at Bosch Sporthorses for a short or longer period of time and train with Peter Paul. For each combination, a separate training schedule will be drawn up based on the goals that the rider wants to achieve. Coaching at shows is also possible.

Riders who come to train at Bosch Sporthorses can make use of the facilities the accommodation has to offer. Bosch Sporthorses offers the perfect setting for riders to focus on the further development of their horses. There is also living accommodation available for the riders and grooms.

The company

On the farm, in addition to Peter Paul and Janneke, two riders, two grooms and an intern provide training and care for the horses. The horses take part in national or international shows and compete on a regular basis.

In addition, the youngest sport horses are housed at a stable nearby in Tollebeek where they receive their basic schooling and training. The broodmares and young horses are kept at various locations in the Netherlands.

There are also a number of sales horses owned by Bosch Sporthorses in the United States who are trained by clients or partners.